Katelios is located on the southern side of Kefalonia, close to the famous village of Skala.

The plain of Katelios lies 1 km to the sea bottom of Aenos mountain-the highest mountain in Kefalonia with 1628 m height which is a National Park since 1962.

The residents were farmers, nowadays have built modern tourist facilities and now tourism is a key source of revenue.

Katelios is divided into 2 areas: the upper and the Lower Katelios and it belongs to the municipality of Eleios Pronnoi.

The Ano Katelios is a picturesque village with natural beauty which extends on the top right of the Valley, below the village Markopoulo.

The downtown area is crossed by a river, unique to Kefalonia because of water flow throughout the year.

The road, descending to the lower reaches, Katelios, a friendly little village with a large sandy beach, where residents traditionally deal with agriculture and fishing.

Each summer, Katelios becomes an attraction for hundreds of Greek and foreign vacationers as the beach is awarded with the blue flag.

Next to the beach and the small fishing port are taverns where their owners they serve fresh fish with their boats.
Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy both the traditional flavors of the island and the famous local wines with views of the sea.

The water is shallow, ideal for children, and has a large sandy beach and an open Bay, with captivating views of Zakynthos, Zakynthos and the Ionian Sea.

The port of Katelios is given the chance to rent one boats excursions.

The village of Katelios and the region as a whole, combining mountain, Valley and sea with abundant running water and variety of vegetation.

Katelios, along with Poros and Skala, are among the most organized tourist resorts.

In the area of Katelios there are properties for a wonderful and memorable vacation.

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