Castle of Chora

If you visit Kithira you shouldn’t pass on visiting the Castle of Chora, also known as Fortezza. This castle is the most distinctive sight in Kithira and it was built in the 13th century from the Venetians.

The castle was named “Eye of Crete” due to its strategic positioning that allowed its commander to have a great view of the Ionian, the Aegean and the Cretan Lagoon! Most parts of the castle, along with its façade were built in 1503 from the Venetians.

As you enter the castle you will see the tunnel, known as fossa. There you will see the lion of Saint Marcus, emblem of the Venetians which was destroyed by the French in 1797 along with the Bible of Nobles!

To your left after the entrance you can see the prison of the castle and to your right a big cistern of Venetian aesthetics with vaults and arches. Two-storied houses can be seen in the center of castle, now lying half-destroyed.

Inside the castle you will also find a powder magazine, the temple of the Almighty, the old headquarters and also the History Archive of Kithira. There is also a church, the Church of Latins, that is dated to the 16th century and was catholic until 1806 when it was declared orthodox to honor the name of St. Mary the Mirtidiotissa.

Two miracles are associated with the castle, one that has to do with a Cretan ship that was attacked by pirates while carrying precious metals used for image clothing and one about a huge lightning strike that hit the castle in 1829, without causing any damage despite the fact it hit right next to the powder magazine!