Archeological Museum of Vathi
Archeological Museum of Vathi Ithaka

Vathi Archaeological Museum Ithaca

In the capital of Ithaca, Vathi, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of the island where you will see findings from the geometrical era all the way to the Roman era. These findings were discovered in the area Aetos and in other places of Ithaca.

Among other things you will see a stunning collection of vases from the geometrical era which were created in Ithaca and have been giving the name Ithakisia (from Ithaca). There is also a beautiful collection of small items that were found in the temple of Apollo in Piso Aetos.

At the Archaeological Museum of Vathi you can also see a small, bronze bust of Odysseus. Two of the most important findings featured in the museum are: a ring-shaped vase with angular walls dated at the end of late geometrical era and a dedicatory inscription that mentions the goddesses Athena and Hera and was found in the main cave (Spilaio) of the city, dated at the late archaic era.

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