One of the two most notable places in Kefalonia and capital of the island is Argostoli. With more than 10.000 citizens this city is one of the “hottest” destinations in Greece. Argostoli is surrounded by hills rich in vegetation and is situated in the middle of the gulf, being a natural port. One of the first sightings one can see while visiting Argostoli is the Lagoon of Koytavos. At the edge of the gulf you can enjoy the wild growth and take a walk in the forest of tall eucalyptuses.

Being the “heart” of Kefalonia, Argostoli features transportation to every corner of the island, many sightings, museums, banks and public services’ offices, being residence to one third of the island’s population.

In the center of the city you will find “Lithostroto”, a magnificent sidewalk paved with marble, where you can visit the grand, modern bazaar of Argostoli. Here you can buy everyday items as well as souvenirs for your loved ones while enjoying you coffee, a drink or even lunch.

While visiting Argostoli you can admire the Bridge of Devosetos, the biggest to sea stone bridge. In the center of the bridge you will find a beautiful quadrilateral obelisk which hosts the commemorative plaque of the bridge’s raise written in four different languages. The Bridge of Devosetos is the visible border between the sea and the Lagoon of Koutavos.

On the Rizospaston Avenue (also known as “palm tree road”) you can find Korgialenios Library, the third biggest library in Greece with more than 59.000 books, which is housed in a stunning neoclassical building near the Theater of Argostoli “Kefalos”.

Anyone who wants to take a break from the heat can visit the Garden of Napier, a graphic park with huge variety of trees, that is surrounded by paddocks of the Kefalonian type.

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